Which is better a Yorkie vs Morkie

is morkie better than yorkie? Many times we are confused which is better a yorkie vs morkie fight which pet should I adopt? Because of Morkie vs yorkie (Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix) dog.

Fast, we understand which dog yorkie and morkie boutique are best. let’s talk about yorkie and morkie mix Personality

Morkie Vs Yorkie

Morkie and Yorkie Personalities

yorkie and morkie dogs have adorable and charming personalities, making them favorites for many people.

Generally, morkie and yorkie are loving and friendly, but you can find them a little aggressive.

They enjoy the company of their owners and will cuddle and play with you at any given chance. 

Since yorkies were bred as hunters they were always ready for a hunt. On the other hand, morkies tend to get attached to the person.

Also, yorkies are too tend to pick a favorite person and hang around them all the time. Morkies take a significant percentage of their yorkie parent which can be pretty vocal like the yorkie.

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Which is better yorkie and morkie boutique?

If you need a gentle and calmer toy dog, Morkie is best for you. But Yorkie is the best if you need a more playful pet that is always attached to games. 

Before choosing one you need to know the key features of both of them which have already been discussed about yorkie and morkie. They are similar in many ways but they have come with distinct differences too. 

Differences: is morkie better than yorkie?

yorkie and morkie are both toy breeds and may look quite similar at first glance. However there are several key morkie and yorkie differences.

difference between morkie

  • Origin: As we know morkie is a crossbreed between the Maltese and Yorkie, And originated in the United States in 1990.
  • Size: Morkie generally talle and heavier with an average size of 8-12 inches, And Morkie tall 7-13 pounds.
  • Appearance: Morkie are a variety of colors including white, black, tan, beige, apricot, brown, and silver, etc.
  • Behavior: Morkie is small and very friendly, brave, and energetic. Morkie likes attention and is very watchdogs.
  • Health: yorkie poo vs morkie can be prone to many conditions like collapsed trachea, glaucoma, reverse sneezing, patellar luxation, portosystemic shunt, hernias, and periodontal disease.
  • Life span: A Morkie typically lives 10-14 years.

difference between yorkie

  • Origin: The Morkie is a pure breed dog that originated in England and Scotland in the 1860s. It was discovered by the American Kannel Club.
  • Size: Yorkie is smaller basically 6-8 inches. and Yorkie tall and weighing 4-7 pounds.
  • Appearance: Yorkies only come in blue/tan/gold color.
  • Behavior: As we know Yorkies are energetic, friendly, and loyal dogs. Yorkies need lot of a social interaction don’t be left alone.
  • Health: Moekis can be somewhat prone to obesity. While Yorkies are at low risk for obesity.
  • Life span: Yorkie is slightly lifespan, living for 12-15 Years.

Is morkie and yorkie mix?

Yes, morkie dogs are a mixed breed between the Maltese and Yorkshire terrier. As a result, the name “Morkie” comes from their two parent breed name.

Typically the morkies puppies are getting inherited characteristics from their both parents. Their appearance, size, and temperament can vary with their Yorkie parent.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions About Which is Better Morkie or Yorkie?

Q. Which dog is better Yorkie or Maltese?

A. Yorkie or Maltese both are the most popular dog breeds with unique characteristics. While Yorkies are loyal and intelligent. Maltese are known for their friendly and compassionate nature.

Q. What are the disadvantages of a Morkie?

A. Most people gaining weight if they’re overfed, and they’re also prone to dental problems.

Q. Is Morkie a good breed?

yes, morkie are good intelligence and Friendly dog breed.

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