Morkie Training Guide [complete Tips]

Morkie training is a common struggle for every new owner. Fast, you need to know morkie dog training is not a hard thing. You need proper guidelines how to train a morkie.

Morkie is a lovely pet in our society, Every owner wants how to best way train morkie puppies, remember, you should know which time is best for morkie potty training.

Don’t worry, I am here to guide you on how to morkie puppies easy to potty train easy and effective way. As you know pet training is a process you should be patient.

So why are you are Look no further; follow our comprehensive morkie potty training tips.

Morkie Training Guide

8 ways to train a morkies

  • Start training early: Typically the best training age for a morkie is puppyhood. At that age, they are learning anything quickly.
  • Use positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is the best thing for successful training. Reward their good behavior with treats and praise.
  • Crate training: Crate training is crucial for every new puppy. Keep the crate in a safe space for your Morkie .
  • Learn basic commands: Teach the basic commands in their training, such as come, sit, go, and stay. It can help to make them obedient, and morkies easy to train.
  • House training: Establish a routine for your morkie such as a potty schedule, pee schedule, meal time, walking time, playtime, and treats time.
  • Socialization: Socialization is essential to learning good things. So introduce your puppy to various people or neighbors to build their skills and confidence.
  • Leash training: Learn your morkie how to walk on the leash. If they walk calmly, you praise it.
  • Special need to consider: While morkies carry unique characters they need some special considerations, such as grooming needs, cleaning their ear, and addressing challenges.
  • Obedience classes: exploring the benefits of enrolling in training classes regularly. If you cannot find any change, you need professional support.

 How to Train Morkie Peeing In house

How train your morkie peeing in the house follow the given 5 steps. Here you can find what is needed to do which are help to break the habit:

morkie peeing in house
5 ways you can manage when morkie peeing in the house

5 ways stop morkie peeing in the house

Clean the accidents properly

Not cleaning up accidents properly is one of the most common reasons for continuously peeing in the house. Because they notice their peeing smell. So when they return to the scene again repeat the crime. To stop the habit “spray and wipe away”.

Neuter your morkie dog

Peeing in the house another big reason is their behavioural problems. The morkies are like to engage in urine marking behaviour. To reduce their urine marking behaviour spaying or neutering. The technique does not work for older morkies so if your morkies are old use another way.

Morkie Training Guide
Morkie Training Guide

Calm the excitement

While there most of the morkie are very excited they are peeing indoors. This is very common for the small with small bladders. To reduce over excitement learn your Yorkshire terrier in a very calm manner without any high pitch in your voice.

Use morkies peeing diaper

If your morkie dogs are peeing in the house, instead you are using their diapers or belly bands. As a result, your house is clean. Be sure before choosing any diaper to consider the morkie size and anatomy. It helps to not find the detect the urine smell so that they are not marking the spot.

Get veterinary help

If you are following those steps and your morkies are not changing the habit get professional help. Because there are many factors morkie peeing in the house.  As a result, if you consult your veterinarian, he will detect the reason and take steps. Morkie allergy symptoms

How often do Morkies Poop?

Ideally most morkies poop often the range is between one and five times per day. But healthier puppies are in the higher range but not too much.

While poop is often an uncomfortable topic to discuss but it is known to be necessary. Proper regular bowel movements are vital to the maintenance of good health.

Basically, every morkies characteristics are different so some are not poop regularly. While the frequency of your morkie puppy poop is based on several factors such as size, diet, activity level, and the number of walking.

How to Potty Train a Morkie

are morkie puppies easy to potty train? A lot of effort and dedication are needed to successfully potty train your morkie. But if you follow to these fundamental housebreaking or toilet training rules, you may start the new family member started on the right path.

are morkie puppies easy to potty train

Introduce the crate

When you start potty training for a morkie don’t cringe at the word of crate training. Because effective crate training is very important for new morkie puppies. It is not only important for housebreaking but also essential for vet visits or travel plans.

Pick a spot outside

Before teaching potty train pick a spot. Which is help used to in regular. If they realise it is their potty spot they are going to complete their potty.

Introducing the outdoors

The next task you need to work teaching your Yorkshire terrier to go to the potty outside which is already selected. Push your malkie on a leash before the potty breaks. It disciplined them on the right track without having a fear of it wandering off.

Establish a schedule

If you want to achieve long-lasting results establishing a routine is very crucial. Scheduling keeps them disciplines. Establish a scheduled time for proper activity, play, sleep and going to potty outside. Set the time for each activity so they work best.

Be patient and stay consistent

Patience and consistency are very important for the housebreaking training for morkie. Be patient with your Maltese and give them proper time.

Don’t punish them and use positive reinforcement. Stay consistent so that they know the wrong or right. Keep going outside and giving treats whenever they are going.

Are Morkies Easy to Train?

Are morkie easy train? Morkies are moderately easy to train. Because their intelligence makes it almost effortless for them to learn and experiences new things or command. 

morkie easy train Morkie Training Guide

Their hardheaded ways make the process tiring. If you are a gentle and patient person during the training session the result is found in excellent.

Use an easy method for training because harsh methods will cause the morkie to shut down and balk which is not good for you.

Not to define that the harsh methods of training are counterproductive for all animals. As a result, if you want to easily train your morkies training sessions should be always happy, rewarding, praising and funny. 

If you use positive training techniques morkies make wonderful students. To get better results start training at the age of puppyhood. At that age, they learn very quickly so you get a well-behaved and more friendly puppy.

How to Maintain a Morkie Puppy Schedule?

Maintaining a morkie puppy schedule is essential for their overall well-being training and behavior. They thrive on their routine. Maintaining a schedule helps you to establish good habits from the beginning

Morkie Puppy Schedule
Morkie Training Guide

Any small-sized morkie doesn’t need a huge amount of space and care. But each needs stimulation. To maintain a regular schedule take her on one or two daily walks, play with them, and spend enough time.

Being patient and staying consistent, using the proper reinforcement, regular grooming and providing a moderate amount of regular exercise are included in their schedule. You can make a morkie puppy schedule like as:

  • Feeding schedule
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Play and exercise schedule
  • Socialization
  • Grooming schedule
  • Bedtime routine
  • Health checkup
  • Patient and consistency

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions About are morkies hard to house train?

Q. Are morkie puppies easy to potty train?

A. Morkies potty training can be challenging due to their small size and stubborn nature, you need patience and consistency it’s achievable.

Q. are morkies easy to house train

A. Yes, morkies can be house trained. It requires consistent training, positive reinforcements, and patience due to their small size and sometimes stubborn temperament.


Finally, in the article, I hear all about morkie traning, morkie poos hard to train. But remember that all the morkies are not the same so the training process can vary in different progress.

Because some are learning anything late and some of them are quick. As a result, you are training your morkie to match their needs and always using positive reinforcement and love.

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