Morkie Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Morkie is a popular breed of dog. Morkies come from crossing two different breeds. One is  “Maltese” another is “Yorkshire Terrier”.

Don’t worry I’m here to guide you through every step. However, Morkie are small pets that need special care. Here are some pros and cons of owning a Morkie

Dog morkie pros and cons

Pros: Morkie


Morkie dogs are adorable, loving, and cute. They are small in size which is one of the positive things in a Maltese.

The compact size helps to comfortably live in a small apartment or if you are a single person. Also, they are suitable to live in overall situations without any doubt.

Early ownership                                                                                                                                                                                 As long as the dogs get to spend plenty of time with their family members. So the owners and the morkie dogs both understand each other. 

Which helps to get early ownership. They like to get care from the owners and spend more time. Because they spend their whole time with their family members.  

Watch Dogs

Another pros of the morkie is they can also be an excellent watchdog. Some people, especially the morkies are watchdogs. They are typically aggressive toward strangers.

So when any unknown person they are seen,  approaching their territory with a loud bark. Which helps owners to stop any unexpected situation.

Low weigh

Low weight is one of the advantages of small-size morkie dogs. It can help easily carry around the world or when you are going anywhere.

For owners who especially enjoy traveling with their pets, morkie makes a good choice for them. Because they are adjustable with their weight anywhere.

Playful Personality

Owning a Yorkshire terrier, another pro is their playful personality. The personality and playfulness of a morkie can bring a lot of joy to every owner.  Older children or single people can truly appreciate a companion dog that keeps them happy.


Another benefit is having morkie puppies; they come with high energy. The energy level is higher and faster than that of the other pets.  It has lost a lot of energy from burning and playing. Because they love to play.

They do not need to take long walks. However, some fun games and toys in the yard should be great for their activity.

Cons: Morkies

Barks a Lot

One of the cons of morkie barking a lot Sometimes they bark without any reason. But any other time they bark, they notice something unusual, unnecessary sounds are coming in from outside, or something is out of the ordinary. Are morkies smart dogs?

They lose their energy and do a lot of barking, which is more unpredictable than the family members.

Easily Injured

Another negative thing is morkie is easily affected. Due to their small size, children are easily hurt by the little size morkie pets. 

Because children do not know how to respect small family pets, sometimes they fall down the morkie with their hands. Which causes serious damage and bad injury to their health.

A lot of Grooming Need

In addition, morkies need a lot of attention and grooming. Which is too extensive for families who manage small kids. The grooming routine can be time-consuming, so most owners reject their list of pets. Sometimes they need professional services.

Not Ideal for Busy Family

Hybrid morkie dogs are not ideal for busy families or for whom family members do not have enough time. They do not provide enough time. Since it is important, spending more and more time makes them one of the best family pets.

Separation Anxiety

If you are left alone for a long time, you can develop separation anxiety. Which causes me to feel very nervous frustrated, destructive, and depressed. They are more suitable for those who spend most of their time with a companion.

Advice For New Morkie Puppy

If you are a new owner of a morkie puppy, you need to know some essential tips or advice. Which helps you properly care for and bond with your new friend. Here we are providing some advice you are following:

➡️ When you bring a Morkie puppy to your home, walk around your home and outside your home. As a result, he can smell the turf and be real. Pick a special place where he can potty. 

Always warmly praise him and show him one room where he can spend more and more time. 

➡️ Next, it is time for your morkie puppy to meet all the family members. If you have other cats or pets introduce them to your new morkie dogs.

Be sure all animals have current vaccinations and have been treated for parasites. Make the meeting fun with a walk and arrange some treats. Be sure all the animals are calm. Then your next task is to introduce it slowly to other members who are regular neighbors in your family. 

➡️ Feed your Maltese high-quality food that is recommended by your veterinarian. Because they have specific dietary needs which help them to find a healthy weight. Also maintaining a balanced diet which is very essential for their development and growth.

➡️ Starting the basic training to establish good behavior early When training your work use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, consistency, and praise. Besides, morkies have a long and silky coat, so they require regular grooming. Introduce a grooming routine that helps create positive experiences.

Why people are interested in Morkie?

For so many reasons people are more interested in morkie. These reasons contribute to the popularity of the mixed breed. Some of the reasons are given below you need to follow:

  • Adorable Appearance: Yorkshire terriers are usually cute with their size, expensive eyes and silky coat. All these things make a characteristic capture the pet lovers.
  • Well Suited: In every situation they are well adjusting to people. For this reason, some people are called them “apartment dogs”. There are most people find them easily managed and easy to carry.
  • Low Shedding Coat: They often inherit the low shedding coat which makes them most attractive and they look very sweet.
  • Loyal Nature: The small-sized Maltese are very popular with their loyal nature. They are building a strong bond with their owners. Their affectionate nature makes them wonderful companions for those people who are searching for a close relationship with pets.
  • Intelligence: Both Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent breeds, and Morkies inherit this trait. Their intelligence makes them trainable, and they often enjoy learning new tricks and commands.
  • Fashion and popularity: The Yorkshire terrier has more popularity. The popularity is increasing day by day with the social media. So that people are influenced by trends and it can contribute to increases in the breed.

Pros and Cons Between Small or Big Dogs

Between choosing a small or big dog you should be considering to know the advantages and disadvantages of both dogs. Because your decision needs to match the dog’s lifestyle ability and specific needs. Here are some pros and cons between small and big dogs:

Pros of  Small Morkie Dogs

  • Sufficient care
  • Easy to handle
  • Long time lifespan
  • Lost cost Grooming
  • Well adaptability
  • Lower food costs

Cons of Small Morkie Dogs

  • Barking a lot
  • A lot of chance of injury
  • Some breeds are prone to their health conditions.
  • Requiring regular exercise
  • Training and socialisation challenges

Pros of Big Dogs

  • Less prone to injury
  • Suitable for home security
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Fulfill various roles
  • Easy to train

Cons of bid dogs

  • Needs a lot of space and care
  • Higher food costs
  • More health problems
  • Shorter lifespan


we find that Maltese and Yorkshire terriers are coming to both morkie pros and cons. We know every pet has some advantages and disadvantages morkie is the same. They have many pros which make the family morkie dogs. On the other side, they have some cons which are not very difficult to adjust. However, you must need to know the pros and cons before buying any morkie dogs.

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