How Much Should Morkie Eat Per Day?

How many times a day should a Morkie eat? And how can I maintain a Morkie puppy feeding schedule? Morkie is the most energetic and playful dog in the world. That Morkie need high quality protein, best food for Morkies These include – Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Duck, Eggs, and Fish. 

So, the question is How Much Should a Morkie Eat Per Day?

Professionals recommend Morkie consume 300-350 calories a day. Obviously, the amount will depend on how old your Morkie is.
Morkie food and Morkie puppy feeding schedules are important for healthy Morkie growth.

morkie feeding guide
morkie feeding guide

how much should I feed my morkie

It is a simple question you can easily understand—how much should I feed my Morkie per day? Well, if your mature Morkie weight is around 10 pounds, that means you need 1/4 cup three times a day. Here is the best feed for Morkie.

Morkie Puppy Feeding Schedule by Age

How much should I feed my Morkie in a day? Actually, Morkie puppy feeding schedules according to age on various factors, such as Morkie age, weight, health, etc.

However, Morkie dog breeds usually require 40 calories per pound of body weight. Adults in Morkie require 200 to 300 calories per day.

3 Week old Morkie eating Schedule

Morkie 2-3 weeks, Morkie eats 56.5 grams of feed per day. 

4-5 Week old Morkie eating Schedule

Morkie 2-3 weeks, Morkie eats 85.5 gram of feed per day. 

3-6 Month Old Morkie Puppy Feeding Schedule

3-6 month old Morkie eats an average of 85 grams, This time I care about Morkie feeding schedule maintenance, 3-6 old Morkie feed needs 3-4 times a day. If you follow the morkie feeding routine, your Morkie will go pee on time. That is why Morkie’s eating routine is important for Morkie pee. At this age, the morkie’s growth may slow down significantly.

6-7 weeks Old Morkie eating Schedule

Morkies aged 6 to 7 weeks need 142 grams of food per day. Morkies grow rapidly at this time.

8-9 week Old Morkie eating Schedule

8-9 weeks of age, it can eat 113–120 grams of food per day from the following week.  A 10-11-week-old Morkie should be fed dry and wet food equally twice a day.

NOTE: Morkie puppy feeding schedule according to age proper maintenance is very important that is you should follow Morkie puppy feeding schedule amount.

When a Morkie doesn’t want to eat?

There are several reasons why a Morkie doesn’t want to eat, That is important for a Morkie puppy feeding schedule and weight chart let’s look at the most common reasons.

  • Illness: Your Morkie may lose appetite due to cancer, liver problems, or infections. If your Morkie appetite is consistently low, it may be an early sign of an illness.
  • Change the routine: Introducing your Morkie to a new routine outside of the usual routine may cause him to refuse to eat.
  • Changes in food: Adding a new food to your Morkie regular diet or removing an old one can cause food aversions.
  • Acidity: Your Morkie will not want to eat if he has stomach acidity. If this is the case, the stomach feels full all the time. Nausea may also occur.
  • Toothache: If the Morkie has a toothache or any disease, they find it difficult to eat, as a result, Morkie does not want to eat at this time.
  • New environment: Your Morkie may not want to eat out of the familiar environment and into the new environment. At this time his mental setup is the most important. Morkie requires time to adjust mentally to the new environment. I recommend following the Proper Morkie puppy feeding guide.

However, if your Morkie does not eat for 12 hours or more, This might be a symptom of the disease, so I recommend, as soon as possible, consulting a professional VAT doctor without delay.

Morkie feeding guide for Homemade Food

Generally, Morkie likes raw and homemade Morkie food. Ground turkey, rice, and vegetables can be used to make dog food that loves Morkie.

Homemade food will satisfy your Morkie’s appetite as well as provide vitamins, proteins, and minerals. As a result, your Morkie will be physically healthy and capable.

The most popular homemade food for Morkies is ground beef, chicken, lamb, venison, zucchini, parsnips, yams, beets, butternut, sweet potatoes, and some vegetables, including carrots.

Homemade food is fresh, pure and beneficial for your Morkie.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions About Morkie Puppy Feeding Schedule

Q. Why Morkie won’t eat?

Answer: Morkie Morkie won’t eat it depending on various factors such Morkie eating habits, environment, New Owner, health issues, etc.

Q. Which food do Morkie puppies eat?

Answer: Morkie is energetic, playful, and a wonderful pet in the world. Morkie puppies eat need daily 300-450 calories, There Some best foods for Morkie include meat, bone, offal, and a small amount of plant ingredients.

Q. How much should a Morkie eat?

Answer: As I said Morkie puppies eat 350 to 500 calories in a day, while it depends on various factors such as age, weight, health, etc.

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