How long do Morkie Puppy sleep? [Complete Guide]

How long do Morkie puppy sleep? Actually, Morkie puppy’s sleep depends on various factors like age, health, Life changes, External factors, etc. When a Morkie puppy is between ages 7-8 weeks it needs around 18-20 hours sleeping a night. As they Morkie puppies age they need less sleep. Day by day Morkie sleeping less at the time they sleep 8-10 hours.

Now question is how do you know your Morkie Puppy gets enough sleep every day? An adult Morkie puppies need more sleep to support their development, when you see Morkie has good energy and they playing enough with you it means they get the perfect sleep.

Why does my Morkie sleep so much?

Morkie Puppy sleep
Morkie Puppy sleep

Morkie sleeps so much more than usual, there are psychological, health, and physical reasons. Morkie sleeps a lot because their body tells them to do so, says PetMd.

Let’s see the most common reasons why your Morkie sleeps a lot

7 Reasons Morkies Sleep So Much

Age of the Morkies

Generally, a morkies puppy sleeps for more than 18 hours per day or usually 18 to 20 hours. The variation is different between the large breeds, and old breeds and the puppies need more sleep. 

Breed of Morkies

The breeds of the Morkies determine their size, activities, and the variations of how quickly get old. All the factors are included to affect the Morkies puppies’ requirement to sleep.

Anxiety and stress

Sometimes a Morkie puppy goes through physical difficulties such as anxiety or stress. At this time they sleep so much more than usual.

Activity level

Those Morkies puppies have tasks to hold their attention and will spend most of the day activities to complete those asks. So, periods of sleep depend on what they are to do.

Thyroxine Deficiency

Thyroxine is also called hypothyroidism. It reduces the chemical process occurring within the cells of the body especially those Morkies are look unhealthy. It is another reason to sleep a lot.


Diabetes is another reason why Morkies puppies sleep so much. In those Morkies who are affected by diabetes, they have more chance to sleep a lot.

Infection for bacteria

There are many infections which are caused by highly contagious bacteria. Those Morkies have an infection of bacteria they sleep higher than their regular schedule.

How many hours does a Morkies sleep?

Morkies have higher energy levels than their small size. As a result, they have a tend to sleep more. A morkie spends 50% of the time a day sleeping which is 12 to 14 hours over 24 hours. But the puppies need 18 to 20 hours of sleep.

How to create a comfortable space for Morkies sleep

A comfortable sleeping space is very helpful for Morkies. Let’s see how can you create a comfortable space for Morkie to sleep.

  • Select the spot: Before creating a comfortable sleeping space, the perfect bed so selecting is very important for their well-being. So first select the bed spot.
  • Choose the right bed: To match their size, choose the right bed. A Morkies prefers to refer to beds with raised edges that give them a sense of safety and security.
  • Bed Equipment: Use soft and washable equipment to ensure their well-being. You can provide a plush or memory foam bed for extra comfort.
  • Temperature control: Make sure the selected room has proper adjustable temperature to ensure their health benefits. 
  • Provide toys: As Morkies like to play, they provide their favorite toy in their sleeping space for security.
  • Create space: Be sure, the crate has enough space that your Morkie can stand, turn around and comfortably lie down.

Can Morkie Sleep with me?

Are Morkie Sleep In Your Bed? No, Because Morkies are needy dogs who love snuggling

As a result, if you get your Morkie sleep used in the same bed the habit will be nearly impossible to break

A sleep schedule with their bed could make it harder to share your bed. Also, it causes more problems with their behavior and dependency.

On the other hand, it is understated for the Morkie owners to allow their puppies to have periods of sleep in the same bed of their affectionate nature.

So it is really hard to say if you should sleep in your bed with a Morkie puppy or not. But, indeed, their cuddly, tiny, and adorable personalities are very hard to resist.

Is it oK Morkie Share Your Sheets?

The answer is truly no. Because now you morkie only now. But future your bed partners are not okay to share your bed. 

How are you going to explain this to your little morkie puppy, when your partners are not comfortable sharing the bed with them? At this time they do not get it for their bed because morkies puppies love to touch the human touch.

So it can be a regular habit to sleep on your sheets. Another thing to consider morkies are very light to sleepers, if any movement disturbs their sleep they are wake up and move around.

Yorkie puppy sleeps a lot

A Yorkie puppy sleeps 15 to 21 hours a day including their naps. The Yorkie sleeps in different ranges to match their sizes. 

When they wake up, they often take full advantage. So with their sleeping schedule, they do not sleep whole the night. 

The sleeping schedule consists of napping for 10 minutes to one hour, getting up to potty, waking playing a short, having a meal, and then they are again going to sleep. As they are older you will notice they are less sleep.

Yorkie puppies sleep at night

When a Yorkie puppy is 16 weeks able to sleep through the night. But if you work to some training, sleeping morkie puppy at night can be able before the times. Each Yorkie puppy’s sleep at night can be different from another. 

Some can sleep quickly at night and some can early sleep at night. When they are potty trained through the night you will see that they easily sleep at night. Where can i adopt a morkie?

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions Morkies sleep patterns

➡️How lack of sleep can affect Morkie?

Lack of sleep can affect Morkie irritability, behavioral problems, Cognitive function, physical health problems, anxiety increases, digestive problems, and decreased lifespan.

➡️Sample Morkie puppy sleep  schedule 8 weeks

Generally, an 8-week Morkie puppy’s sleep schedule can be 20 hours.

➡️3 month old Morkie puppy sleep schedule

A 3-month-old morkie generally needs to sleep an average of 18 to 20 hours each day. 

➡️4 month Morkie puppy sleep schedule

A 4-month morkie puppy can sleep as much as 16 to 18 hours in a day. 

➡️ 5-month-old Morkie puppy sleep schedule

On average, morkie puppies need to require 14 to 16 hours of sleep in a day.

➡️Morkie puppy sleep schedule 14 weeks

The sleep schedule can range from an average of 14 to 16 hours per day.

➡️Morkie puppy sleep daily schedule 16 weeks

!6 weeks morkie puppy schedule should be regulated and the range is an average 12 to 14 hours on a day.


Finally, we are finding the aof the whole guide morkies puppy sleep schedule. But remember the schedule depends on their specific age, puppies’ daily activity, their physical shape and other essential facts.

As a result, some sleep more and some sleep less in time.

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